Najomi Bell

cert. personal trainer & fitness instructor

out in the nature is where i feel the most comfortable and happiest – fresh air and sunshine is the perfect tonic to relieve the stresses of everyday life. i love the simple things like walking my dog, horse back riding, running in the forest, swimming in the lake or trekking in the wild – all of these activities are food for my soul. if i can comibine it with great company and delicious food you can be sure that i will call it one of the best days of my life!

i enjoy motivating people to achieve their goals and i believe this works best in a friendly and relaxed enviroment, while having fun! i don’t subscribe to the school of thought that fitness has to be a chore and food has to be boring to be healthy. punishing the body with painful, mind numbing workouts or feeding it with bland, tastless food is demotivating and unsustainable. for me, good, enduring health and happiness is achievable by finding the right balance between interesting but challenging exercise and delicious, healthy eating while not forgetting to live life to the fullest.