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najomi bell

Hi. I am Najomi and thanks for taking an interest in training with me.

Most people are capable of transforming their body into the shape they want as long as they are committed, consistent and patient. By combining these qualities with my training philosophy, which focusses on hard work, correct form, proper fuelling and rest, together we can transform yours.

Strength training is both my specialty and my passion. The health benefits of strength training are numerous and well documented. Through strength training you can achieve amazing transformations not only physically but mentally as well. Building a strong body also builds a strong mind, self-confidence and presence. Since strength is primarily built through weight training rather than cardio, my programmes, for both personal and group sessions, are heavily skewed towards lifting weights.

It is a common misconception, especially among women, that lifting weights makes you bulky or too masculine. There are many different levels between building a body that is ready for the beach and one that is ready for competitive body building. Strong does not necessarily mean bulky; in fact, it generally means attractive, fit and athletic.

All of my programmes are challenging but fun, intense but enjoyable, demanding but inspiring. My group training programmes are full body focussed while my personal training programmes are fully adaptable to your goals, whether that may be upper, lower or full body transformation.

I operate out of my own fully-equipped private gym so there are no added fees and no need to buy an additional membership at a commercial gym to train with me.

Call me for a chat about your fitness goals or join one of my group classes to get a feel for what is involved โ€“ first one is free!



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